Cyto-Matrix is a company I trust with my patients for the quality, efficacy and safety of their products, not to mention it is 100% Canadian, which I appreciate. The liquid Cal-Mag+ D is the best tasting I have found!

Dr. Kristen Bovee, (N.D.)
Sidney, British Columbia

It is my pleasure to offer the highest recommendation of this company to my fellow colleagues. I have been using Cyto-Matrix products since its inception with great clinical results. I am always surprised with the amount of research documentation that is provided with each supplement. Without exception, Mr. Demone is always available for questions, to offer support for his products, and to make recommendations clinically. If this company allowed me the opportunity, I would be investing in it.

Dr. R. Allan Price, (N.D.)
Sudbury, Ontario

Cyto-Matrix is all about quality and integrity in products that you can trust and great customer service. Their intelligent formulations are an invaluable partner in achieving the desired outcome in patient care and wellbeing. We have seen consistent and dramatic improvement in patients' health with the use of Cyto-Matrix products.

Dr. Jacqueline Colello (N.D.)
NEX Health Team, Burlington, Ontario

Outstanding products, giving you outstanding patient outcomes. Distinguished customer service.

Dr. Robert Dronyk (D.C, N.D.)
London West Health Centre, London, Ontario

The Cyto-Matrix line is one of the mainstays of our clinical dispensary, for many different reasons:

Quality — without fail, the people behind the products do their homework, and strive to ensure that each product is manufactured in a manner that makes me confident in recommending them to my patients.

Performance — each of the products that we use has done it's job! From the Fem-matrix that has brought great results for perimenopausal symptoms to PCOS to PMS, to the IM-matrix which helps my patients recover from a host of different infectious processes - especially the common colds and flus.

Service — our orders are received the next day, and never have I had better technical support when I've had questions about products and their wide range of applications, and finally

Price — I am always confident when I order from Cyto-Matrix that I am getting high quality product at the best possible price for my patients.

To Randall and everyone at Cyto-Matrix - thank you for both offering us effective, innovative Natural Health Products that help us as Naturopathic Doctors treat our patient's , as well as for continuing to support our profession.

Dr. Colleen McQuarrie (N.D.)
Clinic Director, Ottawa Integrative Health Centre, Ottawa, Ontario